i believe in it.

i heard that someone i knew back then is now facing the biggest karma of her life. Someone I thought I could trust, but eventually turned out to be the first one to put me down. This was way way back. Since then, I never tried to communicate to her (and to them) knowing that it was nonsense taking time to even talk with her (and to them).

That time was one of my hardest times. Imagine yourself being the talk of everyone, your life issues being enjoyed by everyone, unfair judgement from everyone, realizing that the some people whom you have given your trust now are the one throwing the stones on you.


remember this post?

i wrote it for them.. after that I let go of the issue... i kept quiet... i let them talk about me and I didn't care...


now i heard that she is facing the biggest test of her life.

then i thought... "dapat bang maawa ako sa kanya or just be glad dahil hindi ko sya pinatulan before dahil tadhana na ang sumisingil sa mga ginawa nya?"

i dunno...

i know i shouldn't be doing this post anyway... but im sorry i just can't help to say nothing.. i know i am getting mean...

now, who's the STORY TELLER?

and a message..
*facing court issues is a big deal, honey. i know. maybe you just have to face the consequences. this could be a lesson for you now... and i understand how you feel... i know you have "your friends" to support you... goodluck gurl!


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