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1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

Mrs. Gabatino.. my kinder days teacher who believed in me and accepting me to the class despite of the school's rejection of me. I am not in the right age pa daw. At 3 years old, the school wouldn't want to admit me. E that time I really want to be in school... i don't know what she saw in me but she secretly include me on her student's list as a "saling pusa"... an eventually ending up grabbing the 3rd honorable place at the end of the year... making my admission legal.. harhar!...

Sir Bong Osorio.. my mentor... my college advertising professor.. my thesis adviser.. the super-uber supporting professor who really loves his CA "kids". This guy made his mark on each of every CASAN's out there... he has this way of challenging each one of us to be at our best always...

Ma'am Pepin Aguilar... my sociology professor way back my freshman year. She's definitely a "thumbs-up" professor... giving us the reality of life... sharing her own "personal" life to us... and up until I had a work on media, she's still there... always available for interviews.. hehehe...

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.

Cleng, Nikay and Van

- my real angels who always give their unconditional support to me in anything that I do. always ready to listen to my griefs and happy moments. sharing with me their life... and accepting the real me.. Cleng, my twin sister... my bestfriend wayback high school... she'll be going to the states very very soon... i will surely, definitely miss her and her kids drew & adrian. No one can ever ever replace her in my life. We haven't got the chance to spend time together but the bond is there and will forever be.... Nikay, the person who knew my deep dark secrets and my most humiliating experience... my takbuhan in times of "financial needs".. hehehe... (mayaman po kasi sya!) and the person who always understand me... in every decisions that i make... a "co-blogger" (with anne and others)... i love her very much... and VanVan, our so-called "conservative" bestfriend (pero di na yata ngayon eh! hehehe) who's always there to listen.. sya ang tagapagreport sakin kung ano na ba ang latest sa dati kong pinagpapantasyahan! hahahaha!

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

MOMMY - need i say why? she's the BEST MOM in the world... my angel, my bestfriend, if not because of her, I wouldn't be what I am now. And I miss her so so much

DADDY - just when mommy left me, he taught me (he may never know this) how to be independent. how? by letting me go on and live by myself. and the moment he let me go, i know i have with me his TRUST. i miss you too dad!

TITA MALOU - hay bakit nga ba? sya lang naman ang pumalit sa pwesto ni mommy in terms of being my labasan ng sama ng loob and secrets!

CLENG - you always clear up my mind

"D" - For showing that "friendship" between bestfriends is more important than anything...

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.

Few isn't the word... there's a lot.

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

MARLO - do i need to explain y?

NIKAY AND VANVAN - Kahit puro pang-aasar ang inaabot ko sanyo

DADDY- its just seldom that we spend time together that's why i miss him

KYLA my bebe

now im tagging... MAI, LES, ERIKA, CHUMMY... and you!

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    Hmpf!!! "mayaman" pala ha, naniwala ka naman kay Vanny!

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