last night, as i was doing my warm-up on the treadmill, here comes glen (one of the trainers) asking me to join the benchpress competition later. Well, marlo asked me first though... at first i was hesistant.. medyo mahina kasi ako pagdating sa mga machines e... pero ayun.. i said ok na rin.. for experience...

this will be the second time that i will join the gym's monthly challenges. the last time was the cardio challenge, in which me and mawel got the second place.. a bit difference of 2 minutes from the winner.

this benchpress competion now would be a contest based on the number of repetitions from benchpress and lat pull. with a weight of 30% of the participant's body weight.. haha! medyo mabigat.

though marlo and i used to do this during our regular trainings, i am still not sure if i can make it because this time, repetitions is the main focus.

but seeing him so eager for me to join the challenge, sige... i'll give it a shot. he will be the one din naman who will assist me (hopefully!).

winning the game is not my goal though. i just want to experience it. pero kung manalo, better... imagine one month free membership and a body scrub & massage package... not bad...



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