you may not know it but I appreciate every little things that you do. And Im loving it...

making me list all the things im looking forward to everyday...

~ your smile (seeing those cute braces and ur dimples)
~ the way you massage my back
~ unending talks (we never run out of stories to tell)
~ our usual everyday walk (from "our meeting spot" to wherever we decided to stop)
~ the way you put your arms on my shoulder (yeah! and feeling my lymphnodes)
~ your corny jokes (which makes me laugh)
~ the way you stare at me (and my body... i dont know exactly what you're thinking)
~ and the way you look straight to my eyes
~ your everyday calls
~ our late night exchanging text messages
~ dealing with what other people think about us
~ and I guess we both like it
~ the way you say "sabay tayo ha"
~ how you asked me not to take a shower just so we could go out together
~ the way we hide our close relationship to everybody (coz it would complicate everything)
~ your way of motivating me
~ and you may not know it but you do motivates me
~ how we trusted each other
~ how we understand each other
~ the way you compliment me
~ your efforts on finding out infos about me
~ the way you appreciate me
~ the happiness I feel everytime we're together (and that's everyday)
~ scheduled and unscheduled dates
~ your biglaang hirit (na may halong patama...)
~ you coming to my house... and staying late...
~ being with you coz I feel safe
~ missing you
~ and telling me you miss me too

and a lot lot more.... everyday the list goes on and on... because everyday I come to know you better...

and because everyday you makes me feel important...

and special...


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