Sometimes, you just have to LOWER your EXPECTATIONS...
just so not to get HURT that MUCH...


Feeling much better now.. compared to yesterday. It was a not-so-good-that-comes-to-worst day for me. And even before yestarday began, Im kinda feeling low. For the reason of the said sadness, let me just keep it to myself... (because I know a lot of people would react if I do divulge it here...)

I know the solution and I know what would make me up... and it just happened earlier. So I guess, that's why Im a bit ok now... ok.. but not that fully recovered... still have the hung-ups and a little twist inside my brain...


Will go to the gym later. This is my theraphy now.. and what happened to my "shopping is my theraphy" thing??? Hmm... have to set it aside for awhile... unless I really wanted to be broke for the rest of my life. And speaking of being broke, now I realized I had a lot of backlog bills to pay before this month ends... house rent, water bill, credit cards... and yeah... my gym fee. Kaya... isa rin ako sa mga tao dito sa ofc na nagdadasal ng "sana mabigay na ang midyear bonus namin"...

Still have a couple of trainings left with Marlo. I don't know when it would finally be over but so far, I still have to attend on that. I don't know but lately, seems that we have taken forgranted some training sessions and just rely on cardio exercises. I guess maybe because both of us are "busy" or whatever. Like last week, we only had one training session for the week compared before that we used to do it almost everyday. Though of course, we still hang-out together... after workout we still have this usual walk.. chats.. kulitans... which in a way releases the stress in me. Ewan ko lang sa knya. But im liking it.


Oh... Bee, my ofcmate had just brought in branded brassieres on a much cheaper price... and we, girls, loved it! I actually got 4 kinds... and really I love it! At, may next batch pa daw!


Im sleepy.. and now my thoughts are again about.... the reason why im feeling low....

and yeah!... did I say Im craving for chocolate mousse and banana strawberry fruitshake????

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  1. niQ said...
    konting masahe lang yan. stop feeling so down! :) kelan mo nga pala ko lilibre?? ;)

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