SETTING 1: MOI doing a 20-minute hand bike. My mind was hoping he would spot me in this place... which of course he did...he sat on the stationary bike beside me...

M: Good to see you here. Wat time ka dumating?
D: Kanina pa.. hmm.. bagong gupit ah!
M: Pangit?
D: Ayos lang... buhay pa?

And then goes the usual kulitan... blah! blah! blah... After a while he leaned over...

M: Pansin mo lahat sila dumaan at tinignan tayo?
D: Ows?
M: Im sure tayo na naman pinaguusapan nila
D: Yeah..
M: Hayaan mo lang...
D: O nga.. at least napapasaya natin sila

Can't get it.. what's the problem of us becoming close??? Helllooo????? Why are they so affected with what's going on with us? Like... hey! we're not doing anything wrong! we're just FRIENDS....

Is there something wrong with going out together everyday? Or walking together before going home? Is there something wrong with him going to my place and staying there up late... just making kwentuhan?? Wala naman di ba?

That's why napipilitan kami na magtago... kahit wala naman dapat itago... just so for things not to get too complicated...

SETTING 2: Same Night. Us walking on the way to the train station.

M: May nagtanong ba?
D: Ha?
M: May mga FI ba na nagtanong sayo tungkol sa atin?
D: Wala naman. E sayo?
M: Hmm.. wala naman. Pero alam mo naman mga utak ng mga un
D: E si SJ?
M: Ayos lang sa kanya yung sa atin.. Minsan lang may sumpong yun.

Then I stopped upon realizing something... why do we have to bother what other people think about us??? Besides, is there something existing as "us"???

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  1. niQ said...
    I'm sure you'd love to for there to be an "us"... right?

    For as long as you're not hurting anyone, go lang! Baket, dalaga't binata naman kayo ah?? care ba nila?!

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