It has been 4 days since I had my gym workout.

And now, i feel so bloated. So full that I know I need to regain those trainings and stuffs. I feel that I am gaining these calories again and a 30-minute cardio on the stepper and treadmill is not enough to burn all these. Not to mention the 20-minute handbike exercise (which happens to be my shoul-be-bestfriend-in-all-exercises)

Plus the fact... missing someone so bad kills me. Someone whose helping me through all of these... somebody who helped me achieved my goal... who inspired me go through the hardships and pains...someone whose preparing me for what he called as "pinaghahandaan namin" (whatever is that)

Tomrw, Im sure ill be back there. Burning all these gained calories and stuffs.. having a good time with this uber kulit someone... feeling good again at the end of the day.

Sa totoo lang... sobrang nasanay ako...

And for the past days I haven't been there... merely kulang ang routine ng buhay ko...

Im so excited to be back...


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