Today is my dad's real anniversary of existence. Since I won't be able to be with him at this very day, we celebrated it last Saturday. Together with my "other" little sis and bro, Im happy to his smile and gladness being with us.

Yup, these are my little siblings... Dina Angela (1 year old) and Dan Angelo (7 years old)... May pagkakahawig ba kami???

Seeing them, I can't help but feel glad kasi for the first time, na feel ko yung pagiging ate. Sa case kasi namin ni Dan (Daniel, in which im 2 month older) we grew up together.. tapos magka age pa kame so iba pala pag mas bata talaga yung kapatid mo...

Syempre, they are a bit shy to me at first... since Im not with them naman.. I only see them during occasions like this. But really, I know Daddy is so happy seeing us together. I know simple things like that is enough for him...

Syempre... di mawawala ang bonding nain ni daddy... ano ba naman ang isang emperador sa ming dalawa???? I swear!!! ubos yun... samahan ba naman ng pulutan na sugpo???

By night we had a videoke session... We sang together "Joni Don't Cry" which they he usually sung with my mom before... o di ba mommy, may representative ka?

This was just one of the best weekend so far.. having to spend the entire time with daddy...and i missed him soo much...



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