Pigar Pigar

My first night here in Dagupan... my first taste of what they call Pigar Pigar... my first experience of the Pigar Pigar Festival at the Food Strip of Dagupan City. 

its just like a "fried shawarma" or something like "nilagang baka na walang sabaw" and you can have it with your choice of vegetables... what we had was cabbage and cauliflower. This is one of Dagupan's specialty and is featured every year as part of the Bangus Festival.

A street called Food Strip beside the city plaza is always jampacked with people.. parang malate style".. gimikan and party place... and restos there will cook your pigar pigar in front of you.

though we never stayed long, (we were just there for dinner actually), i was amazed with that little taste of experience.

Will have more of Bangus Festival on the next couple of days!!!!

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  1. Jona said...
    looks interesting!

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