Holy Week was spent with my Daddy and his side of my family in Pampanga.

It was one of the saddest lenten vacation that my family had.

"Dad" left us. He was my uncle whom we all call Dad. He was sick for more than three years and last last Friday was his time to bid goodbye to us. I wasn't able to attend the interment last Wednesday because of the toxic workload we are doing in preparation of our upcoming BIG Event. I went back to Pampanga Thursday and stayed there until earlier. Just in time for Lalique's Christening tomorrow.

After Dad, we are all still saddened by the condition of the Daddy's eldest brother. Another uncle of mine who's suffering from cancer ( I am not sure if its the stomach, kidney or liver). What I knew is that all the vital parts are already affected and there is no way of treating it. When I asked my aunts and daddy, all they have to say was "maghihintay na lang tayo. let's all leave it to God". 

And we are all in prayers now. I can't stand seeing him in pain. I can see mommy in his condition. I know how hard it is for him especially for my cousins to see their father in that condition. Still we can't do anything. 

He was one of those who believed in me... in my career.. in my future. He was one of my "fans" and I always hear him tell stories about me... about my achievements.

I don't know if yesterday would be the last time that I can see him. And I hope and pray that it's not. We are all praying and believing that God will grant his mercy... but nevertheless, it will always be His will. 


Lately... Love again took it's course.

Again... there is a risk and a sacrifice to be done.

In which in the end, hopefully, will answer every questions we both can't answer.


Tomorrow would be Lalique's Christening.

Our cute little angel will finally be blessed. 


And the coming week will be so toxic as we will be having the first of five legs of our Smart Pinoy Event.

I will be in Dagupan for the next couple of days and we are all praying for the success of this event. We are almost done though with the preparations although there are still some hung-ups that we have to resolve.

We know we can handle it. And im looking forward for more learning experiences...


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