My new job now brought me back to the world that I used to live before I entered the corporate door. 

And I am loving it.

And having my Advertising Professor in college as my boss is a plus. I already have an idea how she wanted things to be like and how organized you should be.

She has trusted me with one big account to start with. And a challenging team to work with. 

There's just one BIG challenge right now: Our team leader has to go for another project and I will be left to handle the pre-event activities. A BIG responsibility considering that it is the first of the five legs roadshow.

I know I can, but the fact that it is my first project to them makes me kinda nervous. Nakakahiyang sumablay. And it is a BIG Account.

2 weeks to go before the first leg... less the holy week break, it is only a matter of days left to polish the preparations. and we still have more than half of the checklist to finish. In simple word: Ngaragan time na!

But nonetheless, I am enjoying what I have been doing recently. 

Something that really defines me.


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