Makiling Highlands

This is my 2nd summer escapade for this year.

Spent with my BLF and Little Sis, and with the Matias Family (except for Junel and Tito Julio, who are fully loaded with work stuffs), we headed to Makiling Highlands for a day tour and a swimming escapade.

This is also my dearest Lalique's first summer and swimming pool experience. 

Packed with lotsa food, we had a super duper fun fun under the sun! 

Though BLF had a stomach pain right after lunch, it's good that she was able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon..

on the road going to Los Baños, di na mapigilan ni Joel and picture. Most of the pics actually are shots of him... hehehe..

with ysa inside the van.

Little Sis, enjoying baby sitting Lalique.

isn't she cute? she's growing up to be more beautiful. she's so kulit now. and i really love her...

Japan! Japan! 

Kit, preparing the super yummy liempo to be grilled. It really, really tastes good! pwede ka na magasawa kapatid! wehehehe...

with Janine and Lalique, after lumublob sa pool...

my BLF

my Little Sis..

at the pool with Daryl, Ysa and Joel...

now with Tita Nellie and Tita Luz

this is her ultimate hobby... thumb sucking...

... leave all your worries behind, and just simply.. enjoy.

i love this father-daughter shot of them

enjoying the water... the sun... and the company...

wala lang... gusto ko lang magpapicture.

eto ang pinakamalupit na picture... kagagawan ni kit! wala akong kamalay-malay habang sarap na sarap ako sa indian mango... hay naku!!

~ Makiling Highlands ~
~ 03.30.09~


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