right about now, i am..

> sick.
> missing my two best buds... my blf and little sis.
> missing him. the one person i knew i care about. that person, who, after all these time, i realized, was still the same person i am longing for. 
> back to smallville mode. 
> busy administering the new website my office tasked me to work on.
> excited for the upcoming wedding of a bestfriend.
> starting to learn web development and design.
>..... waiting.

i haven't had the time to post updates. or should i say,  i intended not to post anything about what happened the past days... its not worth remembering anyway.

i want to keep myself busy. after the long rest, i wanted to become active.. gusto ko na ulit maging bibo. 

and workloads helps...

i wish this kind of feeling would subside... soon.



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