me lately...

the ringworms are gone! Thank's God. It was a week of itchy arms for me. Ang hirapppp!!! Thanks to my derma and her ointment. *wink*

it is still a busy week. deadlines everywhere. no way to rest. :-( 

a big change is about to happen in the office. and it includes me. :-) im keeping the details yet.. but yeah... im looking forward to it.

out team building this year: February 28 and March 1 at Tarawoods, Tanauan Batangas. there will be more fun and games plus an exciting personal effectiveness training. and it is in time for MDA's birthday on March 1. :-)

in the middle of my toxic-rushing-beating-the-deadline mode, i received a message from my besty nikay. a good news indeed. what about that? she'll be the one to tell. :-)

i gotta go and sleep. this is the best thing that i can have now.



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