i went over to a derma checkup earlier because there are rashes that suddenly appeared on my right arm. it was so itchy that im having a hard time controlling myself not to scratch it.

apparently, the derma said that it was a ringworm. probably caused by heat and allergy from the soap that i started using this week.

she gave me an ointment which, of course cost so much and could only be bought in her clinic.

btw, doktora is so groovy. :-) fashionista and cool! haha!

and, i just found out that the ointment she gave me is worth the price. after applying it once into the rashes, nabawasan na sya agad. although makati pa rin sya, pero bearable na. she said that it will take two days before all the rashes disappear. but i have to continue applying the ointment for 2 weeks.

and after two weeks, i will see her again for a follow-up checkup.

and for two weeks i have to abstain myself from lotion and body wash.. that could cause irritation....



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