to those people who has nothing to do but to criticize me and give me an unfair judgement. 

I believe that insecurities can cause you to get so over crazy. So be mindful of that. And I also believe that you need not to kiss other people's ass just so to redeem yourself and to gain compliments in expense of others. You may not know it but people around you are so so happy without you. 

Same thing, favoritism sucks. To gain an unfair judgement from you actually does not matter. And i dont care. I know that I am doing what I'm supposed to do contrary to what you believe that I am not. You might not know it too, but people are starting to drift apart because of you. Since day 1 you didn't like me and i know that. But do you expect me to change just to please you? nadah! as long as i know that i am not doing anything wrong and i am not risking other people's credibility, i will still be the same me. Walang personalan. Kung di mo ko feel, mas lalong ayaw ko sayo 

In the first place i do not even know why you didn't liked me. I really don't need to know why. I saw all you attepmts to get rid of me.  Just the fact na lagi mo kong hinahanapan ng butas means you want me out of your life. Lucky me, I survived. And I am still here. That's one thing you have to deal with.

I just don't get it bakit kelangan yo kong pagkaisahan. May mapapala ba kayo sakin? Naiinggit ba kayo? Ang pikon talo. Ang naiinis, lalong iniinis. Bakit kelangan mag bait-baitan pag nakaharap ang ibang tao? 

I never wanted to post this but because i know that both of you are in monitor of all my online activities, i am pretty sure you'll stumble upon this post.

And so, bato bato sa langit.., ang tamaan wag magalit! ang apektado, guilty!


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