you pushed the trigger.

gave me the reason to stop.

you showed me the way out.

yes, it could probably be my fault why all of a sudden you felt that way. I have become and acted so close, when in fact I should'nt.

I thought I knew you that well...

and you showed me that I was wrong.

I don't know how you were able to say all those things to me before.. which made me kept on holding on. Believeing that we share this kind of "bond" which only the two of us can understand.

and im sad that in a snap... everything changed.

all these times, I have been around and wanted to save this. Trying my very best to understand every little things you said.

shallow reasons.

and now i am thinking.. maybe the rumors are true.

I have given you my trust. As much as possible I didn't want to entertain the thought. Because it's your reputation... and I don't want to believe that you are what others are thinking.

im surprised.

now it's over.

Im letting it go...

I cannot take it anymore. I'm giving you what you want.

I am giving myself a chance to be happy.

on my own.


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