I remember what my besty told me... "ok lang yan. at least ngayon naaapreciate mo mga friends mo."

yup. she's right. at this point of my life, I feel so blessed to have my friends around. and its so timing that my job requires me to be a "busy bee" too. To be so preoccupied with other things is what i need now. to have my thoughts focusing on more important stuffs... work, family and myself.

but sometimes, Im having a hard time.

My Dad. I know I haven't been there for him lately. I know he needs me right now. Last week, I planned of visiting him but it didn't push through because I was assigned as one of the trainors for Petron-SM Advantage Card (more details later) at Quezon Province and Batangas City. I have a guilt feeling though when it come to my Dad. I barely had time for him. Especially now... he's sick and I know he also wants me beside him. But then I often tell him.. "I'm busy with work" or "I need some rest, Im so tired and stressed". Stuffs like that. But God knows how I misses him.

But the truth is.. I got so preoccupied with things I thought would make me happy. That would satisfy me. To the point that I sacrificed the times that I should've been with him. Yeah, half-truth, I am also busy with work stuffs. "After work stuffs" made me more pre-occupied.

And it should end now.

I should make-up for the time that was suppose to be with him.

About the training I mentioned earlier, it was a part of my rehabilitation plan. Ayokong mabaliw kakaisip at magmukmok mag-isa sa bahay. That's why when Minnie asked me if I wanted to be a trainor for 2 days, I said yes instantly. In fact, sayang din yung trainors fee... plus of course, this is an opportunuty na maging uber busy.

We left manila saturday morning and headed to Quezon province. Inisa isa namin ang mga Petron Stations dun and we trained the staffs on how to use the SM Advantage Card with Petron. I was able to train 4 stations. Training for that day ended around 5pm. We checked-in at Castle Bernardina at Lucena City. Just beside SM Lucena. Sobrang Pagod. Mahirap kasi layo layo yung mga stations.

By Sunday we headed at Batangas City. Same thing, we visited avery Petron Stations of the town. Thanks to one of the dealers there kasi sinagot nya lunch namin! :-) We finished around 7pm. And we arrived in Manila around 9pm na.

Kung ganito lang ako ka-busy araw-araw, ok sana. Kaso hindi.

This coming holy week, a long vacation is up... i would stay at my dad's house. No plans of going anywhere.

And hoping to settle everything...


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