I was not really in a good mood the whole day yesterday.

I am not that fully loaded with work.. which, really, doesn't helped me at all... and i am not liking it. Giving me the whole time to open sites that feeds my curiosity.. ending up... discovering things I should not want to know.

"What you don't know wont hurt you"

Come to think of it, I really shouldn't care anyway. Afterall it's not under my control and sometimes things could just surprise you in a snap. I really don't know what's happening but my instinct is killing me. Is it just me? Or is there really something going on? Should I care? I dont know... but it's hurting me... a bit.

the answer is right in front of me... and i am hesistant to look at it. still having second thoughts... what if there's a different story? I am trying my very best not to close my mind into what's layed infront of me. I still have the hope that there is something more deep that I should know...


pero hindi naman dapat...

binibigyan ko lang ng problema ang sarili ko.

AND TO THE RESCUE: Yhanee.. ang kaladkarin naming friend, Joebelita... whose priority are us more than her deadlines, at si Kuya na adik na adik sa gym ngayon...

hindi ko rin alam kung bakit pero one word to describe it: LAUGHING TRIP.

Maybe because.. all of us had the bad mood for that day... and its our way of releasing the bad energy.

ang eavesdropping ni kuya waiter ng recipes sa mga problema namin...

samahan pa ng chocolate ice cream na dala ni kuya.

and ang deadline ni joebs...

at ang pagpadpad namin sa starbucks para makaplug ng lowbat na laptop ni yhanee para makapagtrabaho si joebel... of course! ano priority ni joebel??? di nya kasi kami matiis!!!

inabot na kami ng umaga sa podium.

with friends like them????? who needs an enemy????


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