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january 8, 2007

our dear ms. jean had her pre-birthday celeb with us -- moi, shaznee and minnie -- @ dencios metrowalk.

our first stop was beruchz... unfortunately, naubusan kami ng shawarma... e, that's the reason why we went there... para sa shawarma... e kaso...

so we decided to go to dencios. I was in craving for sisig actually that time.

we had of course sisig, and sinugba... plus syempre.. SML..

but i have to leave early din that night...

may mga iba pa kong dapat ayusin e...


january 13, 2007

We had a visibility for MasterCard at Mall Of Asia. Actually, im one of the volunteer. Malakas sakin si Minnie eh!! and also I wanted to have a change of routine... I wanted to go on field... and since I don't have anything to do that Saturday, I thought it would be great to join the activity.

For this visibility study, we have to check every store around the mall and see what are the existing / displayed collaterals for MasterCard and it's competitor. It wasn't that tiring since we are divided into teams and each teams were given an assigned area.

We started at 10am and done by around 3:00pm...

~ram, minnie gurl and moi ~


january 15, 2007


We had our photoshoot for our company's website.

Official Photographer: MOI

Whole day, all I did was to click that shutter on different angles of people, things, and stuffs related to office.

So tiring...


but had fun though....


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