You can't really have it all...

I realize...everything that happens to us merely relies on the choices we make... on how we deal with things and how we make our decisions.

And, once we settled on something, we just have to stand for it and be prepared to any consequences that may occur... be it good or bad.

At this point of my life, I have to make a choice. And it's only me who can decide... a choice that's too risky to take... and i am afraid to pick the wrong one... afraid that I might regret it in the end.

what ifs....

Cards are already laid... and it's my turn to make my afraid... still hoping something might happen... i wanted a sure ball... but how?

I can never tell... only time can... but until when can I stand this?

I choose to stay.... not because this is what I think is right..but because this is what I wanted...

and it's not easy...


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