Inspite of the whole "laboy" day for us, still we are all prep up for the night's ASM Party. This year's theme: Summer. This is my first ASM Party Experience. It's my first time to mingle with colleagues from other branch offices.

Our group had a final dance practice at the venue before dressing up. Then afterwards, we went up to our respective rooms, get dressed and all ready to party!

We entered the venue in our dance costumes, which we also wear all throughout the night. Then, there they were: all the Cengage Learning Peeps from all over Asia. Also present were the people from Australia and New Zealand.

We were able to occupy the front seat. The venue was perfectly set with a summer feel. everyone was happy to meet and greet each other. Buffet dinner was served and I was kinda overwhelmed with seafoods. Overflowing prawns, crabs, lobsters and other Thai delicacies. Wines were served all throughtout the party.

Then comes the presentation of every offices. We, the Philippines Team were the 5th to perform. We performed a dance medley of the ff: Lady Marmalade>Macho Macho Man>Soulja Boy>Single Ladies> I Like to Move It Move It>Jai Ho.

And this dance number grabbed the winning performance of the night:

We won Cash and a swatch wristwatch for each of us.

Other winning teams are Japan and Taiwan.

It was also during the party when various awards are given to respective employees who excel during the year.

Then party till morning.

I enjoyed the party. It was a different experience for us. So overwhelming. With good and cool colleagues, super bait na mga boss and directors, i have nothing more to ask in a job.

We went to bed at 3am but some of my officemates have to stay awake because they are scheduled to go home here in the Philippines 5am of that day. So, straight from the party, they headed to the airport...


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