Long overdued posts.

I haven't been posting the "latests" lately because:

1. Busy
2. I am not bringing this laptop home
3. Busy
4. Still so busy.

My last post as i reviewed was my last day in Phuket. I thought of posting the Chapter 5 part, all about going back home here in Manila. But I thought it was a long overdued thing anyway. There's nothing much to tell anyway aside from the 3-hour delayed flight of PAL from bangkok to Manila. And the shopping experience at Bangkok Airport where Abby and I have to eat the gelos we bought because they wouldn't allow us to bring it during our boarding time.

Done with Phuket fever. :) Back home here in Manila.

Working with Cengage has never been this fun. Although I am overly loaded with work right now, I find it more and more enjoyable everyday. It was amazing how I found myself a little more productive everyday, hehehe, with best workmates ever.

And yes, I am LOVING my new job. :)


A friend left for Singapore for a job. Sad she's not here on my 29th. :( BLF is also leaving soon. I will be left alone :(


A so-called "friend" is also making a scene in my life as of the moment. I dont why in the world is HE becoming so affected with my life's dramas. Envious maybe but it doesn't make any sense at all.


Should I be looking forward in the next two weeks?

I dunno but lately, I am often feeling sad.



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