I spent my first night alone in my room because Evelyn, my assigned room mate from Singapore arrived the day after.

July 25, 2009. Saturday.

It was a free day for everyone!

I woke up 7am TH time and saw that it was still dark. So i slept for another 1 hour. 8am when i went up to Ate Cy and Ate Susan's room and saw there LC asking them to went out and go around.

We all met at the lobby for the buffet breakfast. With choices of fruits, cereals, rice, pancakes, sausages, bacons, etc. We were also joined by other collegues from other countries in our table.

After breakfast we head off to the beach! The sands are not as white as Boracay but the view was amazing. Clear, blissful, peace, a quiet place to stay. We were not allowed to swim at the beach because of the big waves. So we just have our group pictorial session! *grin* We were even joined by William and Geoffrey, our colleagues from Malaysia and Indonesia.

After experiencing the beach, its time to conquer the pool! Hilton has 3 huge pools and we tried all of them! While some of the group changes into their swimming suits, I, daina and joy stroll over and had pictorial at hotel's pagoda and spa area.

over the pool, we are so aliw with Ate Susan's underwater camera *big grin*

After swimming we pampered ourselves to steam bath and sauna at the spa. it was oh so relaxing! we stayed at the steam bath for 15 minutes and 5 minutes at the sauna. :)

And then we're off to lunch!

Here is where we had our lunch. I had chicken basket and fresh coconut which made me really busog because of the big chicken serving. Everyone was satisfied. And to commend the thai waiter for his very efficient service.
After lunch is shopping time. We ride a tuktuk going to Karon Place where there is a big tiangge. But then prices are so expensive compared to Bangkok. It was priced triple from the regular. So, we really haven't gotten that much. I just bought a dress, just so I could have something from the place.
Then we went back to the hotel for an hour of rest.. getting ready for the Staff Party.


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