Me Back!

It's been so loooong since my last post. I haven't been updating lately because of some "unexpected" events.

Ok so let me tell you first that I accepted a job from from Cengage Learning Asia - Philippines Office. I am their Reprint Coordinator -- who basically does the coordination and versioning of US and foreign textbook into Philippine Edition Books. Its kinda hard to explain my job details but definitely I am having fun.

More than the fact that this is a multinational company, everyone are sooo cool. We are just like "barkada" when we work and on my first day, i instantly felt my belonginigness and their warm welcome. My friend Abi helped me get in here.

And we are all flying to Phuket next week for CL Annual Sales Meeting. *big big grin* We are now practicing our dance presentation which we are aiming to be the winning presentation of the night. Costumes are already settled and that everyone are all excited.

This is such a blessing that came right after macky was lost. More than to what I have prayed for. Certainly an opportunity and a chance for me to grow more. And I loved it.

What had happened few weeks back, i think, is not worth posting at all. Except of course those moments I spent with my bestfriends --- Kit's surprise party, my bonding with Nikay and Van, Tagaytay trip.... I just dont want to elaborate more.

But, starting (again) today, I will definitely update this blog in as much as i can.


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