wisa + daei = bonding

after an errand at qc and a 5-hour sleep at home, i met with my uber sooo good friend wisa at eastwood last night. it was a bonding date of us two.

i arrived 30-minutes earlier (she's the one with the trademark of "forever late" eversince college days) and so i checked out the "us girls" celebrity bazaar while waiting for her.

There are lots of stuffs on sale but still expensive (for me it was). there are some pre-owned clothes, accesories and other stuffs by some celebrities also on sale. but i, personally wouldn't buy that stuffs. why would i? well, di rin naman ganun kabenta yung mga pre-owned items. 

i was able to buy 2 shorts and 2 socks for lalique.

as soon as wisa came, we had dinner at dencios. sobrang war of wars na mga tyan namin sa gutom e.  dyan masarap kasama si wisa.. sa kainan! kasi pati ikaw gaganahan kumain. hehhee!! peace sis!

we had sizzling bangus belly, kare-kare and her favorite dessert turon over ice-cream. superb! we end up so full.

then after dinner, we stroll along the area, the tiangge corner, and just walked around while catching-up. dami rin namiss na updates with each other.

it was really our bonding moment. 

and of course wisa, uulitin natin to.. :-)


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