My Weekend Updates

A busy weekend that is. And yup, di ako natuloy sa Puerto Galera!

Friday night...

i met my besties Nikay w/ Aw, and Van Van for Nikay's 29th year advance celebration.  Dinner at Max's Megamall. A "quickie date" of the four of us. 

Advance happy 29th, my foodie bestie!! 


Met up with Wisa, Acy and John to visit our dear Bonzai "Lanipot" who just came home from Dubai 2 weeks ago and is suppose to go back there tomrw. We'd better see her before it's too late.. hahaha!

Had so much fun with the whole family! Videoke to max and overflowing food!!! :)

See you again in six months bonz!


I thought it was going to be my rest day until Tito Julio (the head of Matias family *wink*) woke me up and asked me to join them (Tito Julio, Tita Nelie, and Joel) at Laguna Bel-Air for his brother's birthday. I had no choice but to go. Nakakahiya naman tumanggi...

Though I didn't knew the people there, it was my first time to meet them actually, I had a good time. They are all so accommodating and makukulit. I never got bored which I thought I would.

Yun nga lang, I had no pic to post.. Nakakahiya magpicture e.. :p

And yes, I enjoyed the place. Parang ang sarap tumira dun... tahimik kasi.

and ang pinaka hassle sa lahat...

the reason why I wasn't able to post stuffs earlier...

Macky's power adapter sparked (which i dunno the reason) and it stopped charging. I have to bring it at PowerMac to check but unfortunately, i need a replacement unit which would cost me a whopping 5,000.00.

The same ting happened to Ma'am Cel few weeks ago. Hmm.. may sumpa yata mga mac namin pag umaabot ng 1 year ah..

Now im wondering who's gonna carry the 5,000 expense? Would it be me or our office??? 

If ever, sana pwedeng half-half. Hehehehe!

Kmusta naman yan????


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