Spent the whole day at Divisoria buying stuffs for our Christmas Party. It was a trio tandem between me, cheng and ma'am cel. We started as early as 8am and then finished by 4pm. We bought a lot of stuffs: baloons, party poppers, stuffs for the kid's lootbags, games prizes and more!

Of course, singit na rin ang personal shopping for gifts this christmas. *wink*

As usual, jampacked ang tao.. maluwag luwag pa nga coz it's not yet the peak season for shopping rush. 

Ang sarap magshopping sa divi as always! super cheap ng bilihin and you have a wide variety of choices. Kulang ang isang araw actually. In fact, babali pa kamin next week coz we realized we haven't gotten all that we need. Kulang pa pala.

It was tiring but super enjoyable day for the three of us!

sa uulitin! 


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