Welcome, my 28th...

Its my 28th year today...

And i never ever expected to welcome it with.. HURT.... and a HEAVY HEART.

An unappropriate timing for a simple truth. That, I always thought I could handle. I've been used into getting hurt and moving on but not on the day of what should be "my day".

Yes, maybe people tends to be insensitive sometimes. Either that, or they just dont have the guts to tell you how you became a failure and so they will make a way for you to feel it and eventually give up.

I have come across a lot of failures in the past and i don't need another one... and right about now. Because i don't deserve it.


Still, as i welcome another year of my life, I am very much thankful for everything that I have, all the blessings that He gave me... health, good life, good job, true friends and my faith. 

There's just one thing that I am always and will always be praying for.... 



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