Macky's 1st..

Its my baby Macky's first birthday today...

It's been a year since my boss handed him to me. He was my dream come true then.. and until now, i sooo love him.

Kaso lang, early this morning, nagtampo yata sya... his hard drive failed and need to be repaired. 

I was working on some project when his battery drained and he automatically shut down. I didn't noticed his battery status because I was really on the rush to finish the stuff im doing. When i plugged and connect to his power supply and then logged in to my user account, I couldn't get through. He keeps on showing the dialog box for logging in even if, i am very sure im entering my correct password.

But when i tried on logging in via my boss' user account, i was able to get in. Weird. What's wrong with my user account then?

And so i called in the tech support of powermac and told him what happened. I am very happy with their troubleshooting services :-) Talagang di nila ibaba ang phone hangga't di nila naayos ang problem. Ganun ang mga thumbs-up na tech support!

Ended up, i need to reformat macky's operating system. and since i have always been updating his software versions, i also need to re-download all the software updates that took me the whole day to finish..

Kaya yung deadline ko, no choice din but to extend until tomrw...

its just weird.. this is his first time to have a sustem failure.. kung kelang sakto 1 year old sya...

but still.. love na love ko pa rin si macky...


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