The day I arrived in Manila from Dumaguete, I was informed that I'm going to Roxas, Capiz, and Aklan. First thing that came to mind: BORACAY!!!!

And here's some chronology of what happened...

- Arrived in Roxas and was fetched by the Hon. Vice-Mayor Dadivas, whom I used to call as Sir Ronnie, not knowing that he was the Vice-Mayor of the City. It was just that moment at Dumaguete Airport when I learned about it. Kakahiya. But he was so cool.. bait! We headed to his house for a SUMPTUOUS breakfast. Then he asked his driver to head me off at Ivisan City, the first town of Capiz City where I will conduct my first training.

- After the Ivisan training, I head off to Mambusao City, also another town of Capiz to conduct my second training. Right after that is my 1 1/2 bus ride to Kalibo. It was in Kalibo where we spent the night in preparation to the last remaining training on the next day.

- As early as 7am the next day, I'm already off for Estancia City and Makato in Kalibo for my last two training. Im doing a double time work here for me to get to Caticlan earlier than as planned. Kasi excited na sa BORA!

- Found ourselves in ferryboat to Boracay as early as 2pm. My first Boracay experience for the year...(does this mean there's a big possiblity of going back??) 

a blissfull moment on the beach...

a spectacular sunset... with rhedd..

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