Over coffee

I met with Nel for coffee this afternoon. Left our office early so i wouldn't be trapped on Makati's traffic and also to be early for my "raket" which was scheduled that night.

Nel by the way was a significant character on most of my blog entries... haha!! (pansin mo nel?). Who would have think that we would be good friends after all? In fact. I so hated him in the first place before.. during those times when things were so complicated.. And yes, he knew that! *big grin*

And now, it's different. Extremes. Our dear Marlo leaving us built the bridge of frindship between us. And I am glad we are good...

We had coffee.. his treat. Weee!!! In exchange for the magostein (from davao) i brought him for his dad. haha! *wink* Had a little talk... a little kwentuhan and kulitan...

Really I am happy for this "friendship". It's like re-living the memories we both have with Marlo... and a better one...

Yung usapan natin ha!!!!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hmm.. friendship? haha! joke lang..
    oi.. daisy.. kailan ka pumuntang davao ha? bakit ako walang uwi?

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