wrapping up

its 2008.

looking back, my 2007 was a year where I almost experienced all the things I never expected to happen. Needless to say, i have grown, learned lots of lesson, discovered many things, understood the unexplainable... experienced life.

It was a year where I thought I would almost give-up. A year where almost every worst experience that I could imagine, happened. The latter part of the year was the most painful... a point where every aspect of my life has its own complications that I have to deal with.

He left me, not his personal choice but our Big Daddy up there. I thought that the pain I felt when mom left me 5 years ago wont happen again. But it did. This time it was him, Marlo... the person I thought would be the one whom i'll live forever to. It was a wonderful love. It was a confusion on the early part of the year... doubts, questions, maybe(s)... which took me to almost quite let go... good thing I never did... good thing I stayed till the end... 

All the questions have been answered though. But it was too late. He has to go. And I know he's happy and contended up there. 

Financial aspect wasn't also that "very good". It was just enough to survive and to answer my needs. Talk about the cost of being independent.. all the bills - house rent, electricity, water, miscellaneous, credit cards, etc. and not to mention food budget. Definitely I would make my 2008 a better financial year for me.

Got sick too... A number of diagnosis came up that needs to be treated.  And with God's grace, im getting better.

And still, i am thankful for them. For without those complications, I wouldn't be as stronger as I am now. I wont be able to see other side of things that I'm suppose to learn.

It was also in 2007 that I was able to make the most out of my biggest hobby... TRAVEL.  It was in this year that I've been able to explore our dear homeland... up way north to down south. From middle of the year down to its latter part, i found myself boarding a plane almost every week... saw myself seeing for the first time the richness and different culture of our dear Philippines. And I am sure, 2008 will still be the same for this. And I am looking forward to more land, water and air travel. 

I have found real friendship.. build new ones and keeping the treasured few. I am blessed to have true friends who never turned their back on me and stayed on that down moments. Giving me the needed support and making me smile.

I have become myself and this I owe to what everyday life has offered me. It wasn't easy... it was a struggle... and im glad i've made it.

I pray that my 2008 would be better.. more experiences.. more challenges... I would not ask for more... just a prayer that everything would fall into places and that living life would have a different meaning.



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