A little pasalubong from Meynard, the bestfriend of my bestfriend’s hubby (gets nyo?)…He just came from Sweden a couple of weeks ago (oo! Pa-sweden Sweden na lang sya ngayon!) and I am really really flattered that he has something for me.

While we were having the baby shower thing, he called me and asked if I could meet him for a second down our building. He said he was along the area and so he dropped by to give this. It was the second time that we see each other. The first time was when he also dropped by to give me a pomelo and a souvenir from davao and boracay…which was a couple of months ago.

I am a little ashamed though because mukang everytime na umaalis sya may pasalubong ako from him and yet kapag ako ang umaalis, I don’t have anything for him… But now, I know whom to get for something when im out of town… *grin*

And this little bear is so cute… I like it… :-)


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