not even in my imagination did i expect things to turn this way. everything just happened so fast.

and today, more than anything else, is the time i know you need me as your friend.

and i will never leave you... up till the end.

if it means staying at that hospital until God knows when, to take care of you the whole day... staying awake at night to make sure you are feeling well... even if it means i have to ignore work stress and attend to you right after work...

which i am doing right now.

i wouldn't get tired... i will do it again and again if that's what it takes for you to feel better.

i can see you in pain... you cry because of unbearable pain...

even after a hurtful revelation of your character, i forgive you... and i will stay because i can't take leaving you in your situation.

because i know you even never wanted this thing to happen.

because i love you.

and i know you loved me more because you never allowed this sickness to get into me.

i should've gotten mad of you... i could've left you the moment i learned the truth... and i shouldn't even have to care about you...

but then anger would just kill me...

and i cannot push myself to hate you.

and i would stay true to our promise...


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