"magkikita pa tayo ulit... but maybe in another place..."

one of the words you told me last night.

as much as possible i want to spent the rest of the remaining time with you. i wanted to be at your side till the end.

but i cant... you need to spend time with your family too. and i understand. our talk last night gave me the strength to hold on.

i love you so much.

and you said "i love you too".

i never wanted to leave you last night. your stare makes me wanna hold you tight. because i know it could be the last time that I can hold you, see you and hug you. the way you grasp my hand tells me i have to be ready...

i know i should. 3-6 months is just too short... you are too young to leave...

and we kissed... for the first time....it was the most heartfelt thing we did.

thank you for letting me know that up until the end... you loved me so much... in your own reasons... what we've been through showed me the real meaning of unconditional love.

and you asked me if we could have our family of our own... yes we will... just be strong to fight this test... God will always be on our side... and everything will be fine.

if this is goodbye, i know its just temporary.

yes.. we will see each other again... soon.

i love you so much... marlo.


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