undefined feeling

Mixed emotions.

Happy.. glad... excited... afraid.

Happy. Because I know someone's agony will soon end. Agony caused by work, affecting almost all aspects of his life. He finally decided to put an end into it. After all the hardwork that he has given to his job, he now did the biggest critical decision of leaving it. A risk. But, on the other hand, it would make his life lighter... A new opportunity is about to come and he's willing to grab it. An opportunity that could completely change his life.

Glad. Seeing him freeing himself from stress and pressures. Glad knowing that he is brave enough to stand up for his decision. Glad hoping that soon.. things will get better... and everything will soon be on the right place..

Excited. Coz I don't know what will happen next.

Afraid. From the possibility of being left alone... again. Afraid that things will never be the same again. afraid that a journey is about to end.. totally.

Ironic... I am the one pushing him to go.. and yet.. I don't wanna be left alone...

In any case, I would leave everything to HIM. Let HIM do things... in HIS own way.

I will just sit and wait... prapare for the worst... and cherish the moments left for us...


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