back from my 4pm routine with boyps...

routine. a part of our everyday activities. even if we are both busy with workloads, as soon as the clock strikes at 4pm (sometimes 4:30), we would take a break and meet downstairs.. for a snack. for a quality time.

it has been like this for a year and a half. though there are some days that we can't really avoid not to meet because of toxic workloads here at the ofc and him having a complicated schedule with his clients. it is just during this time that we could talk and spend quality time together.

aside of course after work hours when we make it as much as possible to be together going home.

this routine sometimes can eat up to an hour or more... ng hindi namin namamalayan... buti na lang di kami nasisita ng sari-sarili naming ofc.

happy na rin.. kasi kahit papano, we can still have time na sa amin lang. with the situation now, mahirap makakuha ng time...madaming complications... madaming issues...

unanswered questions... undefined relationship.

trust and understanding... eto na lang ang panlaban e.


last night..

once and for all, you assured me that everything will be alright... that there's nothing to worry about... again i trusted you...

you told me we will never part ways even if you have to leave... that things are about to get better for us.... then again i believe you...

you also told me there's nothing to get jealous about when i told you that i am.

i will let go of this jealousy... as much as possible i will try not to be affected with it...

i am holding up to your words...

and that's the only thing that keeps me on holding on right now


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