2 extreme things..

one. i want to stop the clock. freeze. i wish i could just sit here without the time moving its hand. cherish the moments. making the most out of the time remaining.

only 2 weeks left... and everything will change.

two. i want to see right about now what would happen next. the big change (if i would consider it BIG). would this thing benefit the both of us? or would it be just him? what will be in store for us? will things be the same? or would it be the end of everything?

confusions... questions.

i think i have been thinking too much lately that sometimes, i see myself into a point when i didin't even know how to react or respond to things that have been happening.

one of my friends told me not to think about it too much. i just have to do what I want to do.. go to places where I want to go... live as if nothings gonna happen. but its hard. definitely.

trust is becoming an issue lately. honesty. commitment.

another friend told me some things are better left unsaid. for some reasons. for us not to get hurt. but sometimes not saying something hurts more. it is not easy trying to figure out what the real situation is... especially if your being drawn into it.

an abrupt change. a major decision. a big risk.

i am afraid... and excited at the same time...

all i want is to make things clear once and for all... before it even ends.

to those people who knew me ... those who are aware on this part of my life's story... thank you very much for the understanding and patience...


  1. niQ said...
    hugs, m'dear. but where are you off to??
    daei said...
    niq its not me who's leaving... im not going anywhere...hmm... its the other way around...

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