didn't blogged for days.. super toxic workloads and meeting the deadlines...

yesterday, we just had an event for a bank client's deposit campaign launch at Merk's Greenbelt. This was the project that we've been working on for the past weeks.

I was bombarded with creatives jobs for this event.. from designing the program logo up until the smallest details and props for the event.

It was a successful event. Another tap on our shoulder from the bosses. And it feels so good..

Will post snaps of the event soon


Hindi kami nag-usap.. nagkataon lang...

@ Nico's 7th birthday, Greenhills West Clubhouse
Saturday, March 3, 2007


I am glad "things" are again going so well... better than the previous days... I really wish this would last... though I still have some questions... and sometimes I doubt... but nevertheless I am thankful that things didnt come to worst.

Instincts sometimes attacks me. I know I have to be cautious. But letting myself be drowned by not-so-good thoughts won't help. And it's giving me a hard time... coping up....

but it also helped me understand things...


A company outing soon. Next week to be exact...

And our destination... here.


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