ang pagdayo ko sa ATC

watched this movie yesterday with Anne at ATC. This was a pre-scheduled date we both planned 2 weeks ago. It should actually be on a Saturday but since she has an exam til 5pm kaya we push it on a Sunday. And, we're suppose to watch Premonition.. kaso si anne ang daya e...

Kaya we we're left with two choices: Turistas ot Norbit. We decided on the latter.

It was a good choice. Panalo! Nakakawala ng stress... tawa ka lang ng tawa... and yes, mas maiinspire kang magpapayat! hehehe!

After the movie, Anne gave a shot at Dulcinea. We had pasta ~ shrimp pest and seafood pasta~

It was a super bonding moment for the two of us. Nakakamiss coz the last time we went out was December 2005 pa.

What we talked about? ano pa nga ba... hehehe.....

But really, I enjoyed that date anne... and I missed you gurl! sana may part 2...


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