konting kwento...

On my way home last night... guess who saw me???

our "Mr. Donut Man" friend. *big grin*

My supposed "I-want-to-gome-early-coz-I-want-to-sleep" thing ended up to a 3 bottles at Watering hole and a mahaba-habang kwentuhan.

We have our shares of stories... his lovelife... mine... and the lovelife of our other friends. Yup yup! Sa mga napagchismisan namin... sorry na lang po... hehehehe..

Pero there's one person we really talked about... and I discovered a lot of new interesting kwento... hehehe...


Went to the gym today during lunch break. For a change...

it feels good to do a workout during daytime... hindi crowded..

.. and its peaceful...

heres what i had for "lunch"
15 mins stepper
10 mins treadmill
15 mins handbike
10 mins steam bath

.... and i felt good....

after shower, i had a chicken salad sandwich available at the gym then headed back here at the ofc.

it was a refreshing break...


now.. i have to get back to work...


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