We had a meeting earlier for our upcoming Christmas Party (as usual, I am once again part of the committee). I am very much glad that I have this thing to keep me busy. And I love being part of company activities like this.

In a nutshell, we were thinking of celebrating Christmas with the less fortunate instead of spending a lot for ourselves. We thought of spending it in an orphanage. An all-out children's party. I loved the idea. I actually have something in mind while everyone is discussing the details.

I love kids. I really do.

And this comes to me: a chance for me to make a difference in my life. Maybe I could find a kid there and then make it a point to spend some time with that kid every week.. maybe once or twice a week. maybe this is a chance for me to share my time with someone who needs care and attention... its been so long since i wanted to have a kid of my own. and at this point in time i really don't have any way to have one (of course unless i have a family of my own).

i just thought of making a change. Its always been that the love i usually give to some people always turned out to be "unappreciated". so why not give it to some innocent kid who would surely cherish everything that i could share?

this idea gave me a different perspective. if this would push through, i really think it would make me happy and feel accomplished.

i shared this thought on one of my officemates and she said "baka naman timandang dalaga ka ng tuluyan nyan?" And I said, "di naman siguro.. e di aampunin ko pag kaya ko na... at least may anak ako... "

just something for a change... and for a good deed...


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