its friday...

and the weather is making me sooo lazy.

Bed. Blanket. Sleep.

Hot Chocolate.

but instead, im here at my workstation... busying myself with work. Have to be done with our company profile brohure... do call-outs and follow-up for clients...

Need to be busy. Though Abi told me I sound so happy when I called her up at her office earlier. I miss her. Terribly. Haven't seen her for weeks... miss her at the gym.. and sad I can't go with her at upperbox tonight.

I wonder if our office would send us home early today. Seeing that heavy rain outside, I don't know how will I manage to go home without getting wet. My umbrella gave-in earlier on my way here at the office. Which means, I need to buy a new one.

Maybe I would go to the gym before going home. I wasn't able to have a workout yesterday due to a client call. I hope I can attend the cycling class later.

Really... this is a lazy day for me. I am tooo bored to do my "should-be-done" works.

Exactly 1 week from now... I'm going to be a year older. I am not really looking forward on adding another year.. and yet seems like things are not so quite doing well.

I am happy. yes. But there seems to be lacking. I dunno.

There's just one thing that could make me completely happy. And i think it's impossible for me to have it....


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