Just in time when I wanted to go out and have some quiet time outside the urban area, Petron, one of our clients gave us some work to do in Davao. We conducted a Fleet Card Training to the staffs and people in-charge on all Petron Gasoline stations of the area. There are 30 stations all around the city and we are given 5 days to do all the works. It was the three of us -- Me, Minnie and Red.

It was a Monday (july 23) when they told us we're going to Davao that Thursday and will be staying there until Sunday (July 26-29)

I got so excited. Finally. im going out of town.

Thursday came. Our flight was 4:30 in the morning via Philippine Airlines. Oh yes! Nikay was right -- airbuses are the best. It was indeed. Just don't mind the snack that they are serving. It was just a 2-hour flight anyway.

~ with minnie iniside Centennial Terminal 2~

We checked-in at 3:30 in the morning. With no breakfast yet, we tried to look for something to eat inside the terminal pero naman! ang mahal ng prices sa loob. So.. di na kami kumain.. we thought, ok na yung snack sa plane...

The plane landed at exactly 6:30 in the morning.

~ sunrise view from the plane~

It was my first time in the city.

I am excited.

We headed first to Crown Regency Hotel where we will stay for the next 5 days. It's not a five-star hotel but the amenities are not bad. We have our living room, 2 HUGE bedrooms, a beautiful view from our veranda and there's a gym!!! Now that's what makes me so glad about our hotel.

our unit's living room

one of the "HUGE" room (this is where we all slept)

another "HUGE" room (walang natulog dito)

the view from our veranda

hotel's gym

30 Petron Stations is no joke for us to finish in 5 days. Aside from that we also do Mastercard decalization in SM, Victoria Mall, Gaisano, and several other establishments around the city. For us to be efficient and effective we divided the 30 stations amongst the 3 of us and we have our separate itinerary everyday. Meaning... kanya kanyang lakad kami. At kahit bagong salta ako sa Davao, I have no choice but to be on my own. Taxi dito taxi doon. Yup.. for the whole 5 days, my transportation means is a cab.

The difference is, sa Davao cabs are classified into two: aircon and non-aircon. Non aircon fare is cheaper because the plug-down rate is 26.00 and additional 1 peso per kilometer. Di naman dyahe mag non-aircon kasi malamig naman ang weather... and taxi drivers are mababait naman.

I travelled around Davao City and I even reached as far as Tagum City. Though iba-iba ang feeling sa bawat station, and going from one station to another is so tiring, ok lang kasi ineenjoy ko na lang yung paglilibot... in a way naging familiar na rin ako sa mga streets and area.

At the end of the day, the three of us will just see each other at the hotel. Both tired, harassed and wasted.

And, so to compensate, we make it a point to enjoy.

Some of the stuffs we did:

--> Workout after a very tiring day at the gym.

Though obvious na di masyado nagagamit ang gym coz some equipments needs to be "refreshed", worth naman ang workout. Nakakarecharge.

--> We also took a splash on the hotel's pool.

Somehow, we also enjoyed the free breakfast for two (meaning everyday, may isa sa amin na hindi kasali sa breakfast... pik-pak-boom na lang para fair..)
--> 2 Consecutive gimik night.

One is at Halo Bar. Promise, kakaiba ang crowd dito. You would see people in their mid-40's dancing on Beyonce's Irreplacable... with a harlem move. Kaya natatawa na lang kaming tatlo. But in fairness, nagenjoy naman kme. But before we enter the bar, we first dropped by at Marco Polo Hotel (wish lang namin dito kame naka check-in). Wala lang.. just to experience the ambiance since Marco Polo is considered as a five-star hotel there.

The next night, Sir Toni (from Petron) tagged us at POP's. Kaso.. di kame pinapasok kasi naka "tsinelas" lang daw kame. Kaya no choice, sa labas lang kme nagstay. Mas ok ang crowd dito. Mas nakakarelate kame.

--> Paradise Island

uhh... we didn't enjoy the place like we are expected to. LOW TIDE kasi. We are hoping we could at least experience the sea.. but no..

Since andito na rin lang kame, nature tripping na lang. Pictorial na lang din. Sabi nga ni minnie, parang nasa Cavite lang kame.

---> Pasalubong Galore...
Of course, as expected, maraming "excpectators" from our trip. hehehe!!!! Aldevinco is the place where webought our pasalubongs and stuffs from the city. From accesories, souvenirs, etc...

Though we missed a lot of places that we're suppose to go, ok lang. Ang dami naming plans but because of time constraint, di na namin na push through. Sana makabalik pa kami.. hopefully within the year pa rin..

Pero kahit pagod, kahit stressed, kahit harassed... enjoy pa rin... e magsama-sama ba naman kameng tatlo...

going back to manila

Till then, Davao :-)



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