It was my first time. And it feels good.

Thanks abi.


Back to the gym after almost three weeks. I missed my second home. Though I noticed there are more "new faces" than the old familiar faces i knew then who are there to assist the members. I think this is a good thing anyway... kasi hindi na rin nila ako kilala. No issues whatsoever..

I also found myself doing group exercises which I barely do before. Ngayon kasi wala na akong destruction... Ngayon feel ko na ang pagsayaw sa loob ng GX and have the time of my life. Sabi ko nga.. from now on.. i'll be more into GX classes na...

a new gym routine.. a change...

para less interaction na rin with those "familiar faces".


last full show at gateway mall with kit and jae.

we were supposed to watch it at greenbelt but all slots are taken up to the last full show. so kit did the honor of calling up gateway cinema and reserving a seat for us. Good Job tigger!!

a good movie. but not as amazing as the goblet of fire...

pero one lesson learned: wag manood ng movie ng gutom! kahit gano pa kayo ka excited...


nik, anne!!! san na pasalubong ko???


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