yey! may bago akong printer dito sa office!!!

our new HP Photosmart D5160

my old hp deskjest now becomes the printer of everyone since nasira yung old printer na ginagamit ng lahat.

so kanina, this new printer arrives and they told me it was for "creatives" use.. meaning... ako ang madalas gagamit! :-)

natutuwa ako kasi...

- may built in card reader that can access all kinds of memory cards and flash drive
- i can print files even without a pc
- may cd/dvd tray that could access files directly from a cd
- di na ko mamromroblema sa paper jam
- and the mere thought na ITS NEW!!

i know there are more features on this printer but because di ko pa sya naeexplore masyado... yan pa lang ang alam ko.

wehheee!!!! happy!!!! :-)


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