pen's despedida

didn't went to the gym last night...

missed my workout...

missed a dinner with the boyps (though we were together during our regular "snacktime")

missed the session with BIG 4. (Big 3 lang ngayon coz si Kuya, nagliliwaliw sa HongKong)

all because of....

my dearest cousin's biglaand despedida gimik...

yup... the three of us.. the best cuz ever!

Pen called me up that she'll be leaving for Taiwan and ngayon na lang daw sha free to treat us. Matitiis ko bang hindi pumunta????

So, I went home early... and waited for them. Sinundo nila ako sa bahay.

First stop: Mall Of Asia. Had dinner at Congo Grille. I love the sisig.. super! After dinner, we went shopping! Actually... they went shopping. Kasi ako.. broke.. wala akong pang shopping e! Pero dahil love na love nila ako... Kuya Olan bought me a new gym bag at Penshoppe. And I love it! *big grin*

Then we head to Baywalk.. wala lang... we just stayed there for a while. Until mga 2 am. We just spent the time together coz we know it would be long till we can do this again. Medyo matagal si Pen sa Taiwan e... She'll gonna miss my birthday (sad) and the plans of out of town trips... mukang di na rin matutuloy. Hay!

For sure, super uber mamimiss ka namin Pen!


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