Went out with Janelle and some of the FI's last night at El Pescador.

It was an abrupt plan... nel called me at the ofc... kwentuhan and stuffs... ending up making a plan of her dropping by here at the office and then we both go to the gym for my training and to visit her former co-trainers.

She waited for me to finish my training and then we thought of going out. Since there are "some" things to talk about. Kit joined us and soon, others followed -- glen, tankee, noel, me-an and jim (who so happened to be on leave pero walang kaabog abog biglang nakapunta.... partida... may lagnat ka pa ng lagay na yan!).

Tankee (standing) - "ginulat mo ko sa tanong mo!"
(from left)
Glen- "may talent ka palang kumanta ng crazy for you"
Nel - "ang reason bakit kme nandito"
MOI - "ang nag-iisang member sa grupo"
Kit - "bombarded by me and nel!"

Yeah, i did miss someone last night but on the other hand, it was fun being with them. Glen jamming with the band... tankee having to pop me up with a shocking question, nel who at the first time breaking a rule... and me, consuming a BUCKET of beer.

It was so fun...

Thank you so much, Kit for putting up with me and nel. We know you were bombarded by our issues, but hey! you really helped! so much!

Sa uulitin!


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