I was on my way home earlier when suddenly, my mind got caught with the memories of... Marlo. I dunno. Its a snap. I suddenly missed him. And I remember every single detail that we've done together... up until the last minute I spent with him... alive.

Is this his sign of "pagpapaalala"? I haven't been to his grave for more than a year now. And I don't know when I can visit him again...

I wonder, what could possibly be if he's still alive? 

Ugh.. im missing him... and all the yesterday that we've had... 

... just one of those days...

This is the 2nd of the 5 Legs Road Show.

April 25, 2009 at People's Quadrangle, Batangas City

Here's some of what transpired...

there were more job applicants this leg compared to Dagupan. There were 700+ applicants, more than half of the previous legs.

Unfortunately, no one won this jackpot prize for the Bingo Bonanza.  :( 

With Ellah, Jossr and John at our 911/adhoc booth

The more improved stage design before the evening program

with performance of Rocksteddy that energized the crowd

our team, before going back to manila upon check-out at Days Hotel

3rd leg on May 23 at Iloilo...

My first project with my new family, E.X.C.I.T.E

The Smart Pinoy, Galing Pinoy Jobs and Fun Fair 2009. A 5-legs roadshow intended for the Pinoy OFWs and aspiring OFWs.

An event with two components: Job Fair and Bingo Bonanza. 

Attended by Manpower Agencies both local and overseas, Local Government Units, POEA, DOLE and Local PESO.

The venue was jampacked during the Bingo Bonanza and Rocksteddy Concert. 

Hosted by Joy Viado, Cookie and Bellie and Jen Rosendahl and performance by Rocksteddy.

First leg happened last Saturday at Dagupan City Plaza.

A one-day event with a three-day no sleep at all. It was indeed one of what I can call "an experience"

The whole plaza area was surrounded by Smart Buntings. We had our ingress at 2am Friday and finished the set-up by Saturday early morning.

The challenge: Rain poured the whole time day before our event. Pero that wouldn't hinder the set-up. The show must go on...

the entrance arch

the jackpot prize for the Bingo Bonanza's Indemnity Game
a Brand New Isuzu Crosswind

with the presence of Mayor Alipio Fernandez and Vice-Mayor Belen Fernandez
... and Tarsi na endorser na ngayon ng WINGS :p

joy viado + cookie and bellie = patok sa entertainment!

at kahit pamatay and init, go pa rin ang crowd... nakakatuwa...

and walang keber sumali sa mga games ang mga taga-Dagupan!

with the stiltwalkers... habang busy-busihan e nakuha ko pa magpapicture!

it was a tiring (as in sooo tiring) day for all of us.. but it was worth the experience.

Coming this Saturday is the 2nd Leg at Batangas City...

Walang pahingahan ito!

Blogging before going back to Manila this afternoon.

Our Big Event's first leg was a success although of course there are some boo-boos.. some minor and some are big deal's for the client. Haven't had a good sleep since thursday when we arrived here at Dagupan until last night. 

As a first leg, it was not that bad at all. We were able to jampacked the venue with people for the bingo bonanza and since it was also a job fair, we were able to generate more than our expected number of applicants for the manpower agencies.

i will post pics soon. i forgot my camera's cable and i cant download pa.

pics later!!!

Pigar Pigar

My first night here in Dagupan... my first taste of what they call Pigar Pigar... my first experience of the Pigar Pigar Festival at the Food Strip of Dagupan City. 

its just like a "fried shawarma" or something like "nilagang baka na walang sabaw" and you can have it with your choice of vegetables... what we had was cabbage and cauliflower. This is one of Dagupan's specialty and is featured every year as part of the Bangus Festival.

A street called Food Strip beside the city plaza is always jampacked with people.. parang malate style".. gimikan and party place... and restos there will cook your pigar pigar in front of you.

though we never stayed long, (we were just there for dinner actually), i was amazed with that little taste of experience.

Will have more of Bangus Festival on the next couple of days!!!!

4 days before the first leg event, a major sakit ng ulo happened. we almost had to push back everything... as in in everything that was already set... just because of a one single permit!

One single permit that took us more than a month following-up, at pagpasa-pasahan, confusing us all the while about the process of securing a permit...

ending up...

sound system and talents lang pala ang katapat. kelangan pang umabot ng mahigit isang buwan.

tsk tsk... gobyerno nga naman.

April 12, 2009 when our precious angel received the sacrament of Baptism. 
She was 5 months old. 

and growing more beautiful everyday. . . 

Welcome to the Christian World, Lalique Julia R. Matias!

Holy Week was spent with my Daddy and his side of my family in Pampanga.

It was one of the saddest lenten vacation that my family had.

"Dad" left us. He was my uncle whom we all call Dad. He was sick for more than three years and last last Friday was his time to bid goodbye to us. I wasn't able to attend the interment last Wednesday because of the toxic workload we are doing in preparation of our upcoming BIG Event. I went back to Pampanga Thursday and stayed there until earlier. Just in time for Lalique's Christening tomorrow.

After Dad, we are all still saddened by the condition of the Daddy's eldest brother. Another uncle of mine who's suffering from cancer ( I am not sure if its the stomach, kidney or liver). What I knew is that all the vital parts are already affected and there is no way of treating it. When I asked my aunts and daddy, all they have to say was "maghihintay na lang tayo. let's all leave it to God". 

And we are all in prayers now. I can't stand seeing him in pain. I can see mommy in his condition. I know how hard it is for him especially for my cousins to see their father in that condition. Still we can't do anything. 

He was one of those who believed in me... in my career.. in my future. He was one of my "fans" and I always hear him tell stories about me... about my achievements.

I don't know if yesterday would be the last time that I can see him. And I hope and pray that it's not. We are all praying and believing that God will grant his mercy... but nevertheless, it will always be His will. 


Lately... Love again took it's course.

Again... there is a risk and a sacrifice to be done.

In which in the end, hopefully, will answer every questions we both can't answer.


Tomorrow would be Lalique's Christening.

Our cute little angel will finally be blessed. 


And the coming week will be so toxic as we will be having the first of five legs of our Smart Pinoy Event.

I will be in Dagupan for the next couple of days and we are all praying for the success of this event. We are almost done though with the preparations although there are still some hung-ups that we have to resolve.

We know we can handle it. And im looking forward for more learning experiences...

All of us calls him "DAD"

He was one of those who stand as my second Father...

When I was a little child, it was him I feared most...

He was fond of teasing me...

He was loved by everyone.

He was one of the best uncles that I have.

And it was sad that he has to go. 

But we are all happy that all his pain has now ended and he is now in the comforting hands of our Big Daddy.

Interment will be on wednesday and I am sad I can't be there. 

We will surely miss you, Dad. Until then.


My new job now brought me back to the world that I used to live before I entered the corporate door. 

And I am loving it.

And having my Advertising Professor in college as my boss is a plus. I already have an idea how she wanted things to be like and how organized you should be.

She has trusted me with one big account to start with. And a challenging team to work with. 

There's just one BIG challenge right now: Our team leader has to go for another project and I will be left to handle the pre-event activities. A BIG responsibility considering that it is the first of the five legs roadshow.

I know I can, but the fact that it is my first project to them makes me kinda nervous. Nakakahiyang sumablay. And it is a BIG Account.

2 weeks to go before the first leg... less the holy week break, it is only a matter of days left to polish the preparations. and we still have more than half of the checklist to finish. In simple word: Ngaragan time na!

But nonetheless, I am enjoying what I have been doing recently. 

Something that really defines me.

This is my 2nd summer escapade for this year.

Spent with my BLF and Little Sis, and with the Matias Family (except for Junel and Tito Julio, who are fully loaded with work stuffs), we headed to Makiling Highlands for a day tour and a swimming escapade.

This is also my dearest Lalique's first summer and swimming pool experience. 

Packed with lotsa food, we had a super duper fun fun under the sun! 

Though BLF had a stomach pain right after lunch, it's good that she was able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon..

on the road going to Los Baños, di na mapigilan ni Joel and picture. Most of the pics actually are shots of him... hehehe..

with ysa inside the van.

Little Sis, enjoying baby sitting Lalique.

isn't she cute? she's growing up to be more beautiful. she's so kulit now. and i really love her...

Japan! Japan! 

Kit, preparing the super yummy liempo to be grilled. It really, really tastes good! pwede ka na magasawa kapatid! wehehehe...

with Janine and Lalique, after lumublob sa pool...

my BLF

my Little Sis..

at the pool with Daryl, Ysa and Joel...

now with Tita Nellie and Tita Luz

this is her ultimate hobby... thumb sucking...

... leave all your worries behind, and just simply.. enjoy.

i love this father-daughter shot of them

enjoying the water... the sun... and the company...

wala lang... gusto ko lang magpapicture.

eto ang pinakamalupit na picture... kagagawan ni kit! wala akong kamalay-malay habang sarap na sarap ako sa indian mango... hay naku!!

~ Makiling Highlands ~
~ 03.30.09~

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